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If you’re looking for a no frills fully licensed IT Waste Removal company - look no further than TechWaste North East. We are a family run business with years of experience in the IT industry, we offer a fully licensed Waste Management service and are fully insured to handle all your data protection concerns. That’s why we’re trusted by Schools, Banks, Lawyers and more. All your IT Waste is securely recycled and any Data fully destroyed.
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Servicing Newcastle-upon-

Tyne and Surrounding Areas

We’re located in the North-east of England, however we’re able to travel nationally using our state of the art IT disposal vehicles.

Quick and Efficient

Our services are non-intrusive helping you to conduct Business-as- Usual. We’re happy to cater for any out of hours requests. Unlike with other companies, there’s no need to have your items packaged, we take care of it all!

Safety is our No.1 priority

Rest easy knowing that any data you provide to us on any Hard Drive, Solid State Drive or removable Drive is securely erased - with Full Certification of this provided.

Free-of-charge. Always. Contact us today.

Our Business is able to carry out IT removals at short-notice, please take a look at the reviews left by some of our lovely customers to see this in action. We don’t just service Businesses, but private houeholds too. Contact us today for your secure IT waste disposal, our computer disposal service is second-to-none. That’s why we’re trusted by Schools, Banks and Lawyers to do the job. Our service is always free-of-charge for the recycling and data destruction of your Computer Systems. So there’s never an excuse to compromise your data safety:

Customer Testimonial

Really Friendly and efficient people - knew exactly what they were doing and i was left absolutely confident that mine and my customer’s information was being securely dealt with…
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Registered Waste Carrier Number: CBDU444714
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