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Stay tuned to our Blog where we hope we can provide you with some interesting updates to keep you sharp and up to date in the world of Cyber Security. A simple delete of your Hard Drive does not accurately ensure data is fully erased. Stay safe by using fully qualified, insured experts with us at North East IT Waste.

“…The average data breach carrys

a price tag of $4.2 million…”

These frightening statistic published by IBM demonstrates how harmful a data breach can be on businesses especially those smaller ones that cannot afford to absorb these significant costs. The best way to circumvent this is by using licensed professionals to safely dispose of your IT Tech waste. For the grand sum of £0, we can effectively ensure your business does not fall foul of GDPR breaches.

“Dumpster Diving: How criminals

target your trash”.

This interesting article from ABC-7 News looks at how easy it is for criminals to harvest your personal data. They do this through a practice known as ‘Dumpster Diving’ where they quite literally dive into your rubbish and scour it for information. The holy grail amongst these items is the Hard Drive from a PC that has not been wiped at all - or not been wiped to industry standards. A standard 500GB Hard Drive can hold more than 50,000 records - highlighting that it is not only Letters and paper receipts they look for as your computer will have it all and more.

“Facebook Hard Drive Jeopardises

29,000 Employees”.

This scandal shows how even large businesses are vulnerable to the risks of cyber attack and even common thieves. In this instance an opportunistic thief broke into a vehicle of an employee and stole an unencrypted Hard Drive containing the data of 29,000 Employees. Needless to say this Employee was subject to disciplinary action and Facebook had to spend millions on identity theft monitoring to counteract this.
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